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Best Hotels in the Bahamas

The Bahamas is full of hotels that will suit every budget, from the most lavish hotels down to the economy types of resorts, it is all available in this island. Cottage rentals and bed breakfast type of accommodations are also offered for those with very limited budget.

When planning to spend your holidays in Bahamas, you must be very cautious when choosing your hotel because once you get to the island, jumping from one island to another to search for a place to stay is not an easy task. Nevertheless, if you are the adventurous type of traveler who love the outdoors, then the hotels in the Out islands is for you. On the other hand, if you are seeking for an island where nigh-life is so alive, then choose your hotel in Grand Bahamas or Paradise Island.

In any case, here are the best hotels around Bahamas. These are categorized according to their island location.

1. New Providence Island

a. Compass Point Beach Resort – if you want a world-class hotel and resorts, this is the best hotel to stay in the Bahamas.
b. Pearl Cox Guest House – if a comfortable bed and breakfast is what you are looking for, this is the one to pick.
c. Cable Beach – the best beaches in the Bahamas is located here so choose from any of the 5 luxurious hotels along this shoreline.
d. Nassau hotel – if you are into shopping, clubbing, and fine dining, this one is the most ideal place to be.

2. Paradise Island

As compared to New Providence, Paradise Island is notably smaller. Then again, the area is a sanctuary of magnificent resorts. Lots of tourists are attracted to the famous Cove Atlantis, considered as the biggest hotel and resort in the Caribbean. The place is also where the entertainment complex, water park, restaurants, and casino are located.

a. Atlantis – if you got tired from walking around the resort or the heat is getting unbearable, you can take shelter underground. There’s an enormous aquarium-themed walk park where sharks, sting rays, and other marine animals swim back and forth as you walk.

3. Grand Bahamas Island

This island may not be as famous as the Paradise and the New Providence islands but it is still worthy to be considered. The focal point of the Grand Bahamas is the hotels that are kid-friendly. Some of these hotels include:

a. Sheraton resort hotel
b. Westin hotel
c. Viva Wyndham Fortuna Beach
d. Seagrape Bed and Breakfast – if you are seeking for a more private and comfortable hotel experience find this accommodation in Freeport.

4. Out Islands

Although this is one of the smaller islands in the Bahamas, this is where the fairly priced hotels are situated. Moreover, if you will choose this area for your holiday in Bahamas, you will surely experience an exotic kind of vacation. Anyway, if you will stay here, pick from any of these best hotels:

a. Boat Harbor on Great Abaco island
b. Abaco Beach Resort and hotel
c. Pigeon Cay Beach Club

Finally, if you want to discover and travel around a less developed place such as the Bahamas’ Out Islands then choose to stay from any of the hotels in this area. Budget friendly hotels as well as the lavish ones are available to suit your needs.

Best Hotels of Sarasota County

Sarasota is one of the most popular cities in the state of Florida because of the beautiful beaches and warm waters. Its location on the Gulf of Mexico bestows it an awesome tropical landscape, complete with Barrier Island.

You can book a luxurious vacation here in some of Sarasota’s best hotels and resorts.

Lido Beach Resort gives a warmhearted welcome to guests, with tropical resort ambiance, and first-rate services. It is on a primary beachfront on Sarasota’s exclusive Lido Key. The Lido Beach Resort has countless attractions such as miles of white sand beaches found on Florida’s magnificent gulf coast.

The rooms and amenities at this very serene resort are pre-arranged to make you feel comfortable. Rooms have refrigerators, microwave, free internet access, telephone with data port, coffee machine, and hair dryer.

Guests can also enjoy the two heated beach side swimming pools, private white sand beach, garden area with waterfalls and fitness center.

At the Lido Beach Grille, you can experience first-rate dining and have a view of the wonderful Sarasota from an elevated site. It is famous for the various American Cuisine it offers.

For outdoor and indoor dining, you can visit the Resort’s CafĂ© Lido. And if you want to view the sunset while enjoying food, the Tiki bar is the favorite assembling place during this time of the day.

The Lido Beach Resort is also excellent for gatherings and corporate meetings of up to 250 participants.

The Sunset Terrace overlooks the Lido Key. It is a flexible place for important corporate events and social gatherings. The resort makes your social occasions and business meetings truly unforgettable for everyone. Lido Beach Resort is perfect for family vacations as well because it is accessible to beautiful beaches and golf clubs.

It also presents cultural riches of the Sarasota County through different cultural shows, exhibits, festivities, and museums.

The St. Armand’s Circle is not far from the resort. It offers world renowned dining, shopping, and nightlife.

Another ideal hotel in Sarasota is the Palm Bay Club located on Siesta Key. It offers accommodations directly to Siesta Key Beach and in the inter-coastal waterway.

The Palm Bay Club is opportunely sited near some of the best attractions in Sarasota like Mote Marine Aquarium, Siesta Village, St. Armand’s Circle, John and Marble Ringling Museum Art, Sarasota Jungle Gardens and many more.

In Palm Bay Club, guests have the options to choose between the wonderful Gulf of Mexico beach guestrooms or tranquil Sarasota Bay views. The eclectic and private beach that it offers is just the beginning because other amenities all help to make your stay extraordinary.

Recognizing the Best Luxury Hotels and Luxury

If you are very fortunate, you will have experienced the creature comforts of the best luxury hotels or luxury resorts. The criterion for luxury differs from person to person but there are a few elements which are commonly defined as luxury by most people.

The best luxury hotels and resorts are a haven of splendor and comfort. World class hospitality is combined with lavish environments that leave the guest feeling thoroughly spoiled. The stresses of everyday living melt away as the guest reclines in the lap of luxury.

Just like ordinary hotels, the best luxury hotels and resorts will provide all the basic facilities that are needed to lodge visitors. The usual bedroom furniture and bathroom facilities are available. The difference is that luxury accommodation always provides top quality equivalents. Their environments are sumptuous at every level and luxury exists in every dimension of the operation.

The best hotels and resorts have rooms that are the exemplary examples of interior design. Furniture is often especially created with the hotel providing the only examples in existence. Bedding and soft furnishings are regularly silks, linens and wools. Bathroom accessories are usually matching with large towels that are thick and soft and embellished with the hotel logo. Designer fragrances are complimentary in the form of soaps, gels and lotions.

The best luxury hotels and resorts are often the flagship hotels of any country. This makes them very easy to identify and locate. You can find them quite easily on the internet especially if you search through travel or accommodation agencies that specialize in luxury placements. Even if you arrive in a country without having made any prior preparation, you should find it relatively simple to find the best hotels. They are usually the first to be listed at hotel information desks. Otherwise, just ask a taxi drive to take you to the best hotel in the city and you will surely find yourself in a luxury hotel.

At the best luxury hotels, world class service is paramount. You can expect the personal attention befit of royalty. All such hotels are well staffed with a ratio of about one staff member per room or suite. Hotel staff are fully decked in starched uniforms that represent the hotel’s color scheme. Door men wear the traditional top hat and tails and bell boys wear pill box caps. Hotel receptionists look classy and are perfectly made up and beautifully manicured. All staff in the hotel are willing to help and ready with a smile.

The best luxury hotels often occupy the prime real estate in a country. If it is a city hotel it is likely to be close major state buildings and historic sites. All the city’s visitor attractions will be nearby including the major theatre centers like Broadway in New York or the West End in London. The hotel buildings are very often major landmarks or listed buildings themselves.