Luxury Hotels and Resorts

The best hotels in Las Vegas are located right on the strip which makes all the things that you want to see and visit within walking distance. If you are on the Strip you will be able to witness the throbbing and pulsating city right up front and everything will be within walking distance.

There are so many Las Vegas hotels that you will find each one vying with one another by giving their customers that little bit extra.

The MGM Grand is one of the largest of hotels in Las Vegas and the food is lip smacking out here along with the huge 10,000 sq feet casino. There are lions in the lobby and the best of restaurants to dish out the most delectable of food. The rooms are plenty and it is a good idea to get a room close to the elevator to avoid walking.

The Venetian and Palazzo Resorts have the most wonderful of restaurants and this makes it a bit on the higher end for the price. The rooms are large and the property that they are housed on is huge. The resort is most beautifully maintained and you will enjoy every bit of it. The Venetian and the Palazzo are side by side and hence you can enjoy these two excellent retreats at the cost of one.

The Mandalay Bay is one of the best places in Las Vegas to spend your holiday at. The food is delicious and the rooms are really spacious along with the most beautiful of pools and fun ambiance that is created at this hotel. There is an in house show at the House of Blues.

The City Center in Las Vegas houses three hotels which are the Aria Resort, Mandarin and Vdara Hotel. All of these offer you the best view of the Strip and the most wonderful of nightlife, cuisine and shopping experience. The rooms are fabulously designed and everything is just walking distance from one another. If you stay in any of these hotels then you are never going to be far away from all the happening spots in the city center.

The Bellagio Hotel is a little bit pricey but worth every dime that you end up spending here. It has got the best of cuisine and casino joints along with eth most amazingly decorated rooms. This is where you can know of all that the right kind of money can buy you. The casinos are throbbing with life and there is a no hold limit to the play out here.

Caesars Palace is the place that allows you to sit and watch the world pass by as you eat. The restaurants serve the most enticing of food and the rooms are large and roomy. There is a pool that is situated in a real large area and the best of customer service.